DermaEnvy Skincare™ Skin Tightening is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment procedure. The revolutionary leading technology uses radio frequency to obtain deep thermal heating which stimulates collagen production and causes skin to contract and tighten. You can comfortably achieve a more youthful, toned and lifted appearance without enduring pain or downtime.

Skin Tightening is a complete anti-aging solution for targeting those telltale signs of aging, including, jowl and neck laxity, sagginess under the eyes, saggy brow lines, and nasolabial folds.

Unlike conventional laser skin tightening treatments that are time and treatment intensive, and often too painful for many patients; DermaEnvy Skincare™Skin Tightening is a quick and painless treatment for sagging and wrinkled skin.

Our Skin Tightening Treatment helps improve skin laxity, sagginess, loss of elasticity and textural irregularities for areas such as:

  • Face

  • Neck

  • Abdomen

  • Upper Arms

  • Knees

Most patients see gradual and cumulative results throughout the treatment regime. You can look forward to:

  • Wrinkle reduction

  • Smoother skin

  • Improvement in skin laxity

  • Tightened and firmed skin

  • Skin texture enhancement

Benefits of DermaEnvy Skincare™ Skin Tightening Treatments:

  • FDA cleared for Wrinkle Reduction

  • Non-surgical and non-invasive treatment

  • Does not require drugs and anesthetics

  • The procedure is safe on all skin types

  • There is no down time, you can return to your daily activities immediately following treatment

What can I expect from a Laser Skin Tightening procedure?

This skin treatment procedure is relatively comfortable and is often described as a warm sensation on the skin. The skin remains intact and may be transiently pink after the treatment. If desired, makeup may be applied immediately after treatment and normal activities may be resumed. In essence, there is no expected downtime. DermaEnvy patients in Moncton - Dieppe often notice immediate changes in the appearance of their skin after a single treatment, however, it is important to bear in mind that best results are usually seen after only a series of treatments.

Who is a candidate for Laser Skin Tightening?

Laser Skin Tightening at DermaEnvy is designed to treat mild to moderately loose skin on the lower face, around the eyes, the neck and certain body areas. It does not address skin pigmentation or blood vessels. All skin types are eligible to have treatment and no complicated pre or post-treatment precautions are required.

This treatment may be used as a stand-alone procedure, or more often in combination with other cosmetic procedures to further enhance the results. This procedure is one of the most comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective procedures available to firm mildly loose skin of the face and neck.

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A gentle alternative to surgery, it has been clinically proven on all skin types to regenerate collagen and accelerate fat metabolism and clearance.

A typical treatment course consists of 6 to 8 sessions, each taking between 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated